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RELAX BLEND - Essential Oil

Reach for this relaxing blend to help relieve stress and anxiety and lift your mood.

Size: 20 ml

rose | neroli | jasmine

Usage: Add 5-10 drops to your diffuser.

Benefits: Help lift moods, euphoric, helps relieve stress and anxiety and promotes dopamine.

When we are thinking or daydreaming, our breath follows the rhythm of our thoughts. But that rhythm can be irregular when we are going from one stressful thought to another! When we follow the breath instead of our thoughts, the breath gets into a steady, regular rhythm. You can find comfort and ease using the therapeutic benefits of “Relax”. With each breath, you will let go of tension somewhere in your body and mind. By being aware that thoughts can bring tension to your face and body, you can relax your muscles and smile.

“Relax” is formulated to relieve stress and anxiety while lifting moods and increasing dopamine. Nearly 40 percent of adults suffer from anxiety of some kind according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Puriscents hope that if you are suffering from stress and anxiety, that you seek help and let “Relax” work as a tool in your life to find lasting peace.




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